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    Melbourne Gate Repair Experts

    Melbourne weather has a reputation for fluctuating through many conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold, wind and hail storms. All of these can have a negative effect on automated equipment and accelerate the need for regular maintenance. Like all machinery with moving parts electric gates need regular servicing and routine maintenance. This increases their working life, and reduces the chances of a breakdown. We offer cost-effective servicing plans for both new and existing gates whether they are installed by us or others.

    Extend Life Of Your Gate

    We check and fix any minor issues before they become an inconvenient and expensive problem to repair.

    Avoid Breakdowns

    The last thing you want is for your gate to fail late at night. Regular maintenance keeps it in top nick.

    Replacement Is Costly

    Regular maintenance is much more affordable compared to replacing entire parts and systems.

    Highest Quality Parts

    All components we install come with the highest manufacturing standards and warranty to minimise breakdown.

    The Right Solution For You

    It’s important to thoroughly analyze your particular needs and your available space before you decide on your gate solution. At I Gate Automation we can help you design your ideal gate for your property and integrate them into your total security system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I have my gate serviced?

    Technically speaking, automatic gates should be serviced at every 6 months (and therefore twice a year). Of course, if you notice that your gate is starting to act up and not performing like normal, this is a sign that attention is necessary.

    What does a gate service include?

    Photo-cellular beams, loop detectors, open close stops, safety barriers or emergency fire/ exit functions. The Motor/s – (hydraulic or mechanical), pressure, force,manual operation, clutch, brake, drive sprocket, end piston, motor brackets & oil levels. Gate hardware – hinges, wheels, bolts & fixings, locks, gate tracks, guide rollers, gear rack & lubrication. Electronic Controls – fuses, output voltage, terminal connections, wiring, control settings, control box condition, relays. Access control – Remotes, Push buttons, free exit loops, fire exit commands, intercom open commands, security open commands.

    Why Should I service my gate regularly?

    Regardless of how well you care for your gate, all gates need professional servicing. Regular servicing extends the life of mechanical and the electronic components, this ensures ongoing reliability while also maintaining security to the property. Gates that are not regularly serviced are more likely to breakdown and have their owners pay excessive amounts for repairs.