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    When considering an automated gate for your property, swinging gates are considered the safer option. Fewer moving parts and less opportunity for little hands or fingers to be caught as they open means that this gate type is often the preferred solution for use at parks, childcare facilities and other public locations.

    Swings Both Ways

    Swing gates can be opened either way, allowing easier access for pedestrians and vehicles approaching from either side.

    Budget Friendly

    Swing gates are the budget-friendly option. Fewer moving parts, less set-up required at the side of the fence and no floor-track keeps costs down.

    Heavy If Not Automated

    If swing gates aren’t motorised, they are often heavier to open and close.

    Needs Space To Swing

    Doesn't suit narrow access points or small areas requiring multiple gates.

    The Right Solution For You

    It’s important to thoroughly analyze your particular needs and your available space before you decide on your gate solution. At I Gate Automation we can help you design your ideal gate for your property and integrate them into your total security system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should My Driveway Gates Swing In Or Out?

    Traditionally, driveway gates swing inwards, which is in the direction visitors enter your property. Automated swinging driveway gates can open outwards if necessary. Many factors can come into play, including available space, clearance and obstruction of traffic.

    Does It Matter What Size Post My Gate Is Swinging From?

    Yes this plays a factor. If your gate is swinging from a square post then standard brackets will be suitable for the installation. If a round post is used then special brackets need to be used. If swinging from a pillar then your gate cannot be hinged any further than 15cm in from the back of the pillar.

    Can I Have The Gate Open Further Than 90 Degrees?

    Yes depending on the size of the post that the gate swings off and the pivot point to which it is fixed. We don’t recommend designing a gate swing further than 110 degrees.